Monday, January 11, 2016

Nokia to sell headquarters building

Nokia to sell headquarters building

Nokia has confirmed that it's corporate headquarters is located in Espoo with 170 million euros was sold to Finland, a company called Exilion, then lease back office, this transaction Nokia return precious cash. Cash is now Nokia's Smartphone business is very important, after all, it has to face, is in a situation without any advantage to challenge Apple, Samsung and other enemies, and it is clear that this will be a long war.

The price is significantly lower, before Finland Iltasanomat tabloids had predicted that the headquarters can sell for 2 to 300 million euros. However, Nokia's CFO Timo Ihamuotila said this is still a good deal: FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

"The US and Finland as well as other overseas investors have done thorough due diligence of sales, it was a long process, now, we are very pleased with the result, as we have said before, we do not deal in the real estate business, no need to hold property in the headquarters building. When a good opportunity arises, we are willing to change these non-core assets can be put in to the core business of resources. What's more, after the conclusion of this transaction, we can continue to work in the headquarters building. "

Nokia to sell headquarters building

In fact, Nokia at this stage, already has begun to sell various and unrelated to the core business, or rather high quality assets. Not only to improve its balance sheet, also collected yourself to live and remain competitive in cash. However, Nokia has lost 6 consecutive quarter, again in a third-quarter loss this year of more than 900 million euros, operating in such conditions, how long Nokia can hold?

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Nokia all efforts and all for now only hope: Smartphones, but its called "Lu" Lumia series Windows Phone Smartphone, Nokia can recapture past glory? Both Nokia and Microsoft, were unable to give an answer. Nevertheless, today, ZTE and national development Bank of a financing agreement, perhaps Nokia in China. ZTE now has $ 20 billion available, and if he were to receive Nokia, did not surpass its.


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